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Why should I book with a travel agent instead of booking online by myself?

Why should I book with a travel agent instead of booking online by myself?When booking with a travel agent you get exceptional personal assistants before, during, and after your vacation Travel agents are your biggest consumer advocate and customer service ally. Our Expertise in the travel industry will open new deals and opportunities while saving you time and stress during your vacation. Travel agents help you get the best deal for your budget at no pressure or stress to you.

Will I pay more for a vacation if I book through you then if I go to an online booking site by myself?

In most cases, no! In fact, many travel agents have access to exclusive deals and may be able to save you money in the long run. Not to mention all the time, hassle, and stress you are guaranteed to save by using a certified travel agent.

What are some of the benefits of going to a travel agent?

It is a travel agent's job to guarantee they are providing the latest info and insider knowledge on all things travel. They offer expanded possibilities due to their expertise while acting as your consumer advocate customer service ally. They provide a convenient one-stop-shop that saves you time and stress.

What is TICO? What is the importance of having a TICO Certified Travel Agent?

Open Maps is proud to be at TICO Certified Travel Agency. Please click here to read more about TICO and how it protects the consumer

Is there a commission fee?

Yes, there is a commission fee. Often times, even with the commission fee, a travel agent will help you save money by finding you the best deals!

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