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OpenMaps is proud to be TICO Certified

TICO is an independent organization whose purpose is regulating travel sales for the residence of Ontario and beyond. TICO is an abbreviation of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. This organization was created with the Ontario governing body passed an act to regulate travel sales, both online and offline, in the interest of protecting the consumer. 


TICO regulates approximately 2,500 Travel Realtors and Travel wholesalers in Ontario, Canada. 



TICOs main service is to regulate travel sales, and they do an exceptional job at it. That is why TICO is one of the most popular organizations of this kind in Ontario, Canada. Independent travel agents, travel agencies, and wholesale travel accounts seek out TICO certification since TICO practically set the industry's standards regarding regulation.


Travel agencies that gain TICO certification have been thoroughly inspected to ensure they are providing clear and honest travel services. Keep reading to learn about different aspects that TICO regulates on behalf of the consumer.

An agent must take an exam to gain their TICO certification which allows them to sell travel services. Part of the aspect that TICO regulates with independent travel agents is to ensure you are getting your full booking needs.



There are also regulations regarding your invoice. This ensures when you receive your invoice it is containing clear and accurate information. This includes but is not limited to agency information (including registration number), description of travel services (including departure date), insurance, whether the contract permits price increases, travel information, and the name of your agent who made the booking. 


Complaints + Refunds

Finally, TECO can help you if you need to file a formal complaint or pursue a refund. To be clear TECO not the insurance rather is an independent organization that regulates your travel agent to protect your interests as a consumer.

Benefits Of Hiring A TICO Certified Travel Agent

Open Map is a TICO certified travel agency (TICO Reg # 1302501) Toronto, Canada. Open Map is affiliated with Nexion Canada ULC  100-235 North Centre Rd, London, On  N5X 4E7 HQ Phone 5196606966  TICO Reg # 1549342

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